Friday, May 23, 2008

Five Things Meme

I was tagged by Jen at Monkey Barrel Musings. Meeting her via her blog means I now know TWO people with books coming out soon: Jen and Kelly!

So on to the useless facts! LOL

5 Things in my bag:

Leatherman multi-tool. LOL From my law enforcement years. Yes, I’m the only mom I know who can whip out a pocket knife and/or screwdriver at a moment’s notice in the middle of the playground.

A “box” of gum the Vikings prefer that looks like a band aid box.

A open pack of AAA batteries - was moving them from the van to the house but I don't remember what for! LOL

And, I go NOWHERE without my Palm and my Financial Peace envelope system

5 Favorite Things in my Room:

Several stacks of books
Tote bag filled with the Vikings’ baby books and supplies
The coolest Christmas snow globe with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I like out all year ‘round.
A picture in a frame of DaHubby and I dancing at our wedding
My bible

5 Things I Have Always Wanted to Do:

Speak a second language
Go to Europe
Learn archery
Write something I get paid for

5 Things I Am Currently Into:

Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University
Keeping the peace with DaHubby gone so much for work and school
Purging the house for a garage sale
Rookie sewing projects
Getting things together for homeschooling this fall

5 People I Want to Tag:

That’s up to you! If you do this, come back and tell me!

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