Friday, May 30, 2008

Garage Sale Day One


Was all done setting up. Ready to price everything. It's was 9pm last night. Then, DaHubby convinced me to move everything out of the driveway and into our tiny one-car garage due to a forecast of scattered rain. In the interest of marital peace, I agreed. Out in the garage 'til 11pm re-setting everything up. Too tired to price. Went in and went to bed.

5am - alarm goes off.

6am - I'm in the garage pricing everything like a crazy woman.

6:50am - I get the first "can I take an early bird look?" Is this woman SERIOUS!?! *sigh*

7:30am - the street is lined up for 4 houses on BOTH sides for my neighbor's garage sale (and who had put the ad in our local paper).

7:30am until 2pm - a blur of activity, selling, re-folding, greeting, chasing the Vikings into the yard, chasing the Viking outta the garage, neighbor watches the loot while I make breakfast for Vikings, Grandma and Papa show up at some point, and then take Vikings to lunch (Praise God!) Then, Vikings arrive home sugared up and WAY cranky. Then it starts to rain. Miscellaneous loot not in garage covered or moved. Then, neighbor watches the loot again while Vikings are tossed crying in the tub (figuratively speaking of course), cleaned up, and placed in their beds for naps.

FINALLY, around 2pm...the Vikings are snoring, the rain is slowing down, and the grand total for the morning?



Well, it's $48 more than I had yesterday! LOL And, I'm going to make something to eat!


Unashamed said...

ROFL! Oh Beth. Honey. You are so cute! Hope tomorrow is bigger and better for you!

Thursday's Child said...

Yep, $48 is something. You still have another day to go, right? Good luck!