Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Desiring your prayers

Despite the good report here, apparently there are battles still to be won. From Peggy's blog just now:

"Wish I had better news to report but.....Peggy woke up did not sleep well last night but does not remember it . She is back a sleep again.

She is not doing well she is very confused and aggitated..I think it might be a combination of the Medicine and her counts going up so quickly but not sure...will see what the Doctors have to say. They have been in to day they are probably going to do a chest xray because she is coughing and spitting up quite a bit of flem. She is also having some problems going to the bathroom. She is so independent and does not want help but if very unsteady on her feet.

Her WBC went up again today they went from 9.02 to 13.52 Not sure if that is all that good waiting to hear from Doctor ...the range depending where is get you information is 4-10 or 5-11 .. all her other count look good to platelets went from 171 up to 178 range is 150-399 so that is good ..Red blood count is down from 2.99 to 2.68 normal range is 4-5.2 Hemoglobin is at 8.2 was 9.2 yesterday Normal range is 12-16 ... her Neutrophil were .876 Sunday and today is 5.67...

She still has the sores in her mouth the Doctor was just in and they are going to stop the Morphine to see if that is causing the Confusion. She also is running a fever this morning of 100.9."

Pray as you are led. She's *so* close to conquering this thing with the Lord's help and healing. She's in the final stretch! Thank you!

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