Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My five seconds of fame. LOL

Barbara at MommyLife.net is organizing a card shower for little Alex Barton, the kindergarten whose teacher had his classmates vote him out of his classroom due to his disruptive behavior which is attributed to his autism. She asked for her readers to submit ideas and drafts for a possible button for bloggers to use to spread the word.

I jumped at the chance and created a first draft and then, with Barbara's follow up suggestions, a second draft. However, Barbara went on to pick the one you see here. (congrats, Kari! LOL)

However, as I watched the CBS Early Show this morning, they interviewed Alex and his mom, Melissa Barton. And, when Harry Smith asked Mrs. Barton about the card shower, the Early Show cut away to show a graphic...

and it was MY first draft button! LOL

It was only there for a sec and it'll probably be changed for later broadcasts. But, for that few seconds, I was famous! LOL

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