Monday, May 5, 2008

Favorite Parade Pics

Shots from Berrien County's Blossomtime parade:

Every year, the parade opens with the Indianapolis PD motorcycle drill team:

The main "royalty" float:

Pojke was "too cool for my shades".

Flicka has DaHubby's Yooper blood! The temp dropped 10+ degrees once we left the house and she *insisted* she wasn't cold in a t-shirt and shorts!

Flicka informed us that THIS is what she wants to be when she grows up! This will make her Granny Tina and Aunts Caylee and Chelsea happy! LOL

That smiling handsome devil in the white jacket as one of Blossomtime's "royals"? A former FIFTH grader of mine from SEVEN years ago! *sigh* MAN, am I gettin' old! LOL

And, any parade has to have clowns...

Add, Ronald McDonald! LOL

Due to the dropping temps and the start of rain, we only stayed for the first hour which was about 60 of the HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SOME entrants! LOL But, the Vikings still had a blast!

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