Friday, February 8, 2008

Week Four: Exercise Accountability Challenge

(You can read about this challenge here, here, here, and here!)

Wweeellllll...another lax week here at the Vikings household. Our schedule was messed up for so many reasons: DaHubby's additional work, babysitting for friends, the weather, lack of sleep, etc. It seemed it was always something. I only got 2 of my three scheduled workouts for a total of 65 minutes of my promised 90. *sigh*

I'm going in the wrong direction! Particularly since my workout schedule is about to get MUCH harder in about 10 days!

If anyone is feeling the *blahs* as I am, we need a BOOST! We need a mini-challenge. A prize? A giveaway? SOMETHING! Any thoughts? What will stoke your competitive spirit a bit? We're not even halfway through! LOL We need to get back on track! What say you all?

Leave your ideas and your minutes for the week in the comments below!


Pam said...

Low on the success rate here this week, too. I had 95 minutes this week.

Looking forward to leaving the funk back in this week and pressing on to a new one!

Unashamed said...

I had 45 minutes. I feel bad because I have yet to meet my 90 minute per week commitment. Overall, I kept quite busy this week - I have been catching up on laundry, cleaning out drawers and closets, etc. so it's not like I sat around like a couch potato, but as far as actual exercise, I only got on the treadmill 3 times. You're right, though. I am lacking in motivation right now...

sara said...

I did 171 minutes this week.

The biggest thing keeping me going right now is the fact that I made a commitment.

There are some days that I count every minute of exercise and none of it feels good. Some days I'm just not feeling up to it. So, I begin and promise myself that I can take it easy and take an extra long warm-up. On those days, I usually get into it after about 10 or 15 minutes.

It IS becoming more of a habit though. And there are some days that I DO hit a stride. AND I have more energy lately. And the chronic soreness is getting better.

I've been challenging myself with mini goals. For example, this past week I wanted to do 2.25 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill. I almost made it. My bigger goal is to be able to do 3 miles in 30 minutes by around the middle of June. I hope to add about one-tenth of a mile to my distance every week.

I also frequently remind myself of my reasons for doing this. Some of them are 1. to feel good and have energy and not be cranky and depressed especially around my children 2. to be healthy and at a better weight if God chooses to bless us with another pregnancy 3. to finish something I started 4. to be a good steward of what God has given me. There are others, but you get the idea.

Thanks for starting this, Beth.

sara said...

Oh, and I'm learning to be flexible about WHEN I do my workouts. The morning before DH leaves is usually best but if that doesn't happen, then I've just got to fit it in when I can and if I have to do it with the kids around then so be it. It's a little like housework - you can only do todays work today - not tomorrow's and not yesterday's.

About not enjoying it: I don't like most green veggies either but I make myself eat them. :-)

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

If I had a little cash or was a big enough blog to get "freebies" (LOL) I would have a giveaway for whoever puts in the most minutes next week! *wink*

Shelby said...

I have not met my goal yet either (60 minutes this week), but I am know that this challenge has made me exercise more than I had been, so that's a good thing!

There have been times in my life where I was very active, and hours of exercise each week was not unheard of. However, the last few years have brought great difficulty, and in some ways I quit caring. So...Beth, don't be discouraged, ten individuals are now moving more, and becoming healthier because of YOU!!! I applaud and thank you for that!

Lisa said...

"We can do it, yes we can!!" ( Just like Bob the Builder says!)

Count me at 110 minutes. I haven't walked for today yet, but I WILL DO IT! :-)

Happy Friday all!!

Anonymous said...

Put me down for 150 minutes!

...slowly chipping away at my defecit...

Beth said...

I planned for Fridays off since it's J's day off and I can't leave the kids home alone to go walk. Plus it's church day for us and by the time we're home the park is too crowded if I take the dog with me. Too many kids want to play with her. But I missed Thursday too which bummed me out but I went back today and since it's back to school tomorrow I'll be back to walking during free periods and Saturdays. It helps that everytime I put my shows on the dog about comes out of her skin thinking it's time to go bye-bye...poor thing doesn't understand why she can't go to the grocery store though. LOL

The Trier and Jen said...

IM kinda glad it wasnt just me

I only exercised 3/7 days clocking up only 114 minutes

slack!!!! it was my first week home schooling though

Im hoping to get back into the walking regularly this week