Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pojke-speak deciphered...finally!

Been meaning to share these two tidbits on Pojke budding was enough to make a momma's heart go "awwww...."

I was a momma obsessed with trying to get Flicka to say "I love you" the first time around. I blame it on first-time-momma syndrome! LOL And, needless to say, she resisted for-ev-ver! For Pojke, I figured it would be later since his overall speech was later than Flicka's. But, he's surprised me. Last week, the baby boy and I were snuggling and I said (as I have a millon times not expecting an answer) "I love you, buddy." To which Pojke replied "uv ooo too" Untaught, un-coerced, and spontaneous is all the better let me tell ya! LOL

Then, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what "Koo, Momma" meant. And, it seemed to occur around mealtime. I racked my brain for a while trying to figure it out and it finally hit like a lightning bolt last week..."thanK yOO, Momma!" Again, un-reminded and unsolicited SO rocks! LOL

I sure do love that boy of mine!


GiBee said...

I can totally relate! A couple weeks ago, Hunter said, "Tantoo Mamma" without any solicitation or prompting on my behalf. It melted my heart, too. Also, the other day... I told him, "love you buddy" and he said, "luvoo buddy" -- so cute!

Now he's jumping off the furniture and anything else he can climb, shouting, "I superman!" Help!!!

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Awww, that's so sweet. Those are the squishy moments, aren't they? :) I just love it when Peanut says "lu loo" (love you)

Kathy D.