Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Blahs

Yea, they're still around. We're back in survival mode. Cranky Flicka. Teething Pojke (up at 4:30am this morning). DaHubby working 13-15 hour days between both jobs. Bank holiday yesterday makes Momma crabby because that means DaHubby's check will be deposited a day late. Schedule in an upheaval as DaGrandparents rally around Big Sis P. Exercise time hard to come by...heck, getting a shower each day right now is a treat! LOL Cabin fever complicating it all. But, we're safe, happy, warm, and fed although a little booger-y and not particularly well-rested! *wink*

Speaking of Big Sis P, she is doing well. Nearly one week down and three weeks to go on her month-long stay at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center. My brother-in-law has started a MySpace page to keep everyone updated so I guess it's public knowledge now.

Big Sis P (aka Peggy) was diagnosed last week with acute leukemia. I'm still unclear about which kind. We've heard they caught it early - something to the effect that it's only in her marrow and not in her blood yet is what we've been told. She's currently undergoing a month of chemo at Rush. So, please continue to pray as you are led.

And, we will continue to pray that spring arrives SOON...as we've had two days of snow (3 inches so far) since Sunday when it was FIFTY degrees! Gotta love Michigan weather! LOL

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sara said...

y'know you speak what's in my mind so often.

BTW, I also have a SIL named Peggy with a health crisis. We can pray for each other's! *smile*