Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Card card offers? CHEETAH!

Commercials for new leased (or as "someone" would say "you-get-fleeced") cars? CHEETAH!

The 19-year-old "big box" employee who wants to sell ya' a new big-as-the-house HDTV? CHEETAH!

DaHubby and I have made a joke about yelling "CHEETAH!" anytime anything comes around that tries to entice us to go into any more debt. But, it is even MORE fun (or "fun-ner" as DaHubby would tease) to yell it as you PAY OFF SOME DEBT!

Can I get an AMEN!? YEE-HAW!

DaHubby's vacation check came in today. Any unused vacation time still in his account on his anniversary date is cut to him in a check. This is the second of a couple "one time only/lump sum" checks we're expecting in the next month or so.

Sooooo....Flicka and I yelled at little CHEETAH! when I paid off the bank loan we had this morning!

And, we yelled a bigger CHEETAH! when I gave our dentist over $1600 towards a balance for emergency work done for DaHubby a few months ago. And, the remaining balance is small enough that we should be able to pay off the rest by the end of this month!

If there wasn't a inch of slush all over everything, if there wasn't another inch of snow on the ground, if there wasn't 4-6 more inches of snow on the way...I'd be on the top of our roof screaming....



Unashamed said...

Oh sweetie, that is SO awesome!! CHEETAH!!!

Melanie said...

WTG!!! Are you guys still going to lead a class at your church? Ours starts next week. Who-hoo! :)


GiBee said...


Or, CHEETOS!!! Which could be used for celebrating along with the Cheetah cry!

How awesome is it that you've paid off the loan and another bill is almost paid off! God is good!

Lisa said...

You guys are great! CHEETAH!!!

BTW, I haven't forgotten about your email. I promise that it will be responded to soon!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! I just started FPU a few weeks ago. We had the debt snowball lesson tonight where he talks about the CHEETAH! The picture you have is perfect.

Keep fightin!