Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Handling Change

So...I'm looking for some wisdom and input. And, as I keep telling people who are non blog-familiar and look at me like I'm nuts (LOL), blogging with you all is like a 2008 version of sharing wisdom over the back fence like used to happen in previous generations of moms.

And, my question to you all is how do you handle change? And, is it different for big lifestyle changes as it is for last minute upsets?

While I've always said I like things to change up often because I get so bored so easily, I don't know that6 that attitude is played out in my life...and I think DaHubby would agree since he recently accused me of being not spontaneous! LOL

I've noticed a shift the last few years. I'm just as happy to stay home as opposed to facing the packing, planning, and hauling of bags that it takes to leave the house right now with the Vikings. DaHubby and I are just tickled to have a evening with nothing to do and just stay home. Where I used to experience a sense of disappointment and/or a feeling of being stifled upon returning home, now it is a strong sense of relief! LOL

My recent big lifestyle type of change is the transformation that has occurred following our completion of Financial Peace University with a complete overhaul of how we think about money and how we're spending it. I've never been one who could be called extravagant so tightening the belt even more was "more of the same" for me. And, every time DaHubby has come up with an idea to try to make more progress that circumvents the "gospel" of Dave Ramsey, I've argued that we have to work the program for the program to work and we are making great strides already. So, my conclusion is that at this THIS big change hasn't been particularly hard because there's a structure in place to follow step-by-step.

However, I generally seem to get more upset, more anxious when my daily plan gets shot. I have a hard time "flowing" with THOSE kinds of changes. For example, the pseudo-schedule we keep for the Vikings to visit my in-laws in outta kilter this month due to a short mini-class Flicka and I are taking on Wednesdays in February. And, again, DaHubby could testify to my extreme frustration when he tries to give me too many options for activities or tries to change plans on me at the last minute.

I'm not sure if it's a control issue. I don't know if it's all an ADD issue...although I know that one of my feelings is extreme anxiety that I will forget something after I've planned every out to cover all my bases and then the plan changes for some reason. And, I often beat myself up that it's a lack-of-faith issue...as many control issues are.

But, even with the day-to-day changes, I seem to be getting better. I don't know what to attribute it to at this point but even some last minute schedule upheavals haven't really got me as upset as usual. My "flow" seems to be getting better. LOL

Another thought with regards to the ADD, is much of the anxiety and depression that often come with it is cause by feeling "deficient" somehow that you can't seem to manage as well as it appears others do. So, in the interest of shedding light into my little ADD darkness, I was wondering what goes through other folks' heads when they are confronted with something similar.

So, what say you all? How do you deal with change? Does prayer get you through it? Do you "enjoy the ride"? Are you truly excited to see how something unexpected will turn out? Or are you more on my end of the spectrum were a good schedule keeps your sanity and the world better cooperate! LOL


Rebecca said...

Change...I'm stressed out just thinking about it! LOL!!!

No, seriously, change in anything stresses me, but I usually manage to adapt. For me, well, prayer helps, but also just taking a moment to breath and think things through. Big life changes aren't usually as bad for me as minor things. For instance, I could pack up and move my family across the country today without thinking twice - no big deal to me, and really it would be quite exciting...BUT...say the bus drive change the route and decided to pick my son up 10 minutes earlier for school - I would go nuts!

Yeah, I know, I'm weird!


sara said...

Listen, the more you talk about ADD, the more sure I am that I have it. I'm not sure if I'm joking. Anyway, the only changes I can handle lately is to rearrange the furniture. Seriously. Maybe it's the kids, I dunno. Guests throw my schedule off. An outing. A project. We still do these things but the amount of stress and confusion they give me is disproportionate to the size of the event. I'm not sure this helps unless you like knowing you're not alone.

sara said...

Oh, and I so relate to the big change/little change thing Becki wrote about.

Unashamed said...

I am definitely a creature of habit and I do best when I'm on a regular routine. I don't see it as a weakness or shortcoming - I just recognize that that's how I function best and so I work hard to arrange things so that they fit into schedule without too much disruption. I admit that an unexpected change in routine (especially if it comes at this time of the year) can throw me for a loop. Makes me anxious. But it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, so maybe I'm outgrowing it. And yes, prayer helps, because it is a reminder that God is in control regardless.