Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crazy People

That would be me...or would it be "us"?

At 8:55am, as DaHubby, the Vikings, and I were getting ready to walk out the door to before-church praise and worship warm-up, the phone rang. Church was canceled. Why? Because this is what the thermometer in our yard has been reading most of the day:

NEGATIVE 6.7! But, did that keep us home? Naw, of course not! LOL We went to our former church we attended before the Vikings were born. Hadn't been there in 5 years! Similar to the church service Anita described at her church last Wednesday, it was a small service filled with heavily dressed, hearty souls and was a very good one nonetheless.

And, the thermometer in the van was still reading this on the way home:

And, is this love or what??? Stopping to scrape the ice of the wiper blades...with no hat, no gloves, and just a sweatshirt on! *wink*

And, this is what it looked like driving along Lake Michigan on the way home:

Even my Yooper hubby is curled up in front of a space heater in an afghan! It's nice to be home...with a crockpot full of round steak and potatoes boilin' on the stove! Hope everyone's day of worship and rest was a great one!


Melanie said...

Yep, crazy people! :) Our church had an evening service today (instead of morning) - it was cancelled, too. But the kidlets & I had a bday party to go to at the Y this afternoon. Brrrrr!!! Glad I don't have to leave the house again until Friday. :) Stay warm!

Unashamed said...

That's about what it looked like here today too. Brrr.

GiBee said...

GET OUT!!! It's posts like this that remind me how happy I am to live where I do!!! BRRRRR! It was 27 degrees here, with the winds blowing about 50 mph, and it was cold... but dry! Brrrrr!