Monday, February 25, 2008

101...102...103: updated

Pojke's temps yesterday...even with Tylenol. *sigh*

Other than making a meal and doing a load of dishes, he and I spent most of Sunday on the couch. We even ck'd in with the on-call doc before bed to double ck that the 103 temp wasn't something to worry about.

And, see the chewing on the blanket? LOL I'm hoping the teething is the main culprit but it seems teething brings with it all sort of "above-the-shoulders" problems...ear infection, runny nose, etc.
So, I just got an appt with the pediatrician for 1:20pm. Let's hope we don't pick something else up by taking him in with Flicka in tow.

Updated...home from ped. No ear infection (praise God!) so no antibiotics!!! Just a bug and/or teething. The fever is already coming down and he's en route to the crib for a nap!


sara said...

There is some seriously nasty stuff going around this year. poor kid. He looks so cute all cuddled up, though.

The Trier and Jen said...

praying hes better soon

GiBee said...

Same with Hunter. He ended up having a bad ear infection (and we ended up with a screaming child all night Sunday night and into the wee hours of Monday). At first, I thought his sniffles, and low fevers were due to teething. Guess I was wrong, and now his fevers are mirroring Pojke's. While I still think Hunter is teething, he just happened to get slammed with an ear infection. He's on antibiotics now.

Can you BELIEVE that our pediatrician said not to worry about his fever unless it got to 106 degrees??????? Crazy. I personally don't believe them!

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

YUCKY!!! We've been down with the same junk. Peanuts fever reached 104.8 WITH Tylenol :( I hope your family is on the mend soon.

Is it spring yet?

Kathy D.