Friday, February 15, 2008

Week Five: Exercise Accountability Challenge

Well, we're halfway done! Five weeks down, five to go til SPRING!

Yet, unfortunately, this week I'm simply a moderator of this thing. Each night I
scheduled in a trip to the local field house to walk, something of higher priority deflected my efforts. Yea, I know, I should set MYSELF and my health as a high priority but this week has just been exhausting more in an emotional way.

However, the events of this week have renewed my determination to keep this up. So, while I completed none of my minutes this week, I plan on getting back on track (literally and figurative) as soon as possible.

So, how did YOU do? How many minutes did YOU get done this week?


Unashamed said...

I had the same kind of week. I upped my daily exercise from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, but alas I only walked once this week. I did, however, book an appointment for a refresher workout at Curves where I have a languishing membership. I got out of the habit of going and I haven't been there since the fall! Treadmilling is clearly not working for me, and I enjoyed working out at Curves so I'm going back. I hope I can keep up - it's been so long!

Lisa said...

It's okay my friend! We all have weeks like that!! You can count me at 120 minutes for the week. I hope that you and your family have a good weekend!!

The Trier and Jen said...

SLACK!!!! again
exercised 3/7 days clocking up 108 minutes
Im trying to find some sort of routine to our home schooling schedule and fit in a walk/bike ride too
not very pleased about my exercise program at the mo
Jen at

Anonymous said...

Putting yourself first is really tough, isn't it? WHY IS THAT?? I'm guilty of it, too...

You can put me down for 145 minutes!

Shelby said...

Ugh!!! Not good here; put me down for 55 minutes. No real good excuse, need to just "do it"!