Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Called in the Cavalry

Today is pay day and grocery day. But, I have two sick little Vikings. No food in the house isn't really an option so I called in reinforcements - my in-laws. LOL They watched the Vikings while I made my rounds of Aldis, Meijers, Hardings, Rogers, and Martins for our week's supplies.

Flicka started at 102 this morning but seems to be feeling better. Pojke "relapsed", has had a sippy to drink, a couple piece of fruit and was in this the condition I found him in on the couch when I got home an hour and a half ago...

...and he's in the same position now!

Guess I'll be missing church again tonight...poor babies.


Unashamed said...

Aw, poor little lambs. I hope they're feeling better soon! (Hope you don't come down with it next!)

The Trier and Jen said...

bless your inlaws
praying they get better soon

Lisa said...

Praying for them too!! Any updated news on your SIL?