Monday, February 4, 2008

Another thing rambling in my mind today

This has been in and out of my conscious mind the last month or so...modest dress. And, what does it mean to a Christian woman?

And, the thoughts bumping into each other in my no particular order:

"At least I know that (a man) is judging me by my brain and my personality and not by my body." - a comment made by a veil-observant, traditional-loose-clothes-wearing, young Muslim girl I worked with many years ago.

The arguments made at this blog like modest clothing being a hedge between the world and the believer, a witnessing tool, Biblical interpretation, to humble the wearer, and simplicity of lifestyle.

I find is disappointing when people dress to the nines for worship. But I don't dare say anything, because who am I to judge? I just really feel that our lives should be about Godliness and NOT how we look on the outside. If a person is dressed fancifully and wearing lots of makeup and jewelry, people are seeing her and not God. People are seeing her physical beauty, and lusting after her, or envying her, and it may be much more difficult for her to show her inward Godliness." - a friend from a homeschooling board.

The legalism that entrapped DaHubby and his siblings when they were kids (for example, on the topic of modesty, if women cut their hair, wore make-up, wore red clothing, etc. it could basically threaten their salvation) is something I obvious want to avoid at ALL costs!

As someone who really has no interest in fashion per se; as someone who has always been uneasy about the use of sexuality in the press, media, etc; as someone who wants to protect a young daughter from exploitation; as someone who is more interested in this season of life in the utility of my clothes as opposed to their fashion-ability; and as someone who wants to be an example of modest Christian woman, these types of clothing choices are becoming more and more appealing.

The utility of a "uniform" of sorts. A visual reminder to myself and the world of my commitment to Christ. Simple clothes that exemplify a simpler lifestyle.

If I may "peek" into my bloggy buddies' heads...Anita, Sara, Lisa, GiBee, Laurel, Laura, Debbie, Kelly, Christina, Pam and anyone else who happens by...what do you ladies "do" about observing modesty?


Lisa said...

Just my .02 but I do think that you've hit the nail on the proverbial head regarding the need to not fall on the side of legalism. Which, for some of us compulsive rule followers (ie. myself) it is SO easy to fall into that trap! With some of the clothing that I see, especially for little girls, at Target, for example borders on nakedness more than "clothing-ness"! When I took Wyatt to Vans skatepark a few weeks ago I window shopped a bit. The clothing that was in the windows of these mostly teen-oriented stores were what used to be only in Frederick's of Hollywood catalogues ten years ago, and now they are in the window of stores promoted as daytime wear. ACK!!

The Lord, in His Word, tells us to dress modestly without drawing attention to ourselves. What wonderful guidelines to go by! I have not read it, but Nancy Leigh De Moss has a book on Modesty. I've read some of her other things, and she's right on biblically. You may want to check out her book.

Sorry to be such a comment hog! I do talk to much! LOL!!

Beth said...

I have no choice with modesty, living in a Muslim country. I may dress as I please outside of work but I get unwanted attention if I do. (Our maid hasn't figured this out yet, unfortunately.) At work we just wear fairly loose fitting clothing and if we wear pants the tops should be longer and nothing tucked in. I find myself preferring that. I'm enjoying teaching in a bilingual Kuwaiti school because if I taught in a British or American school where the dress code is much more lax, I'd feel more out of place. I feel by being with other women of strong faith (even if it's sooo wrong) I'm getting more support in mine than I would elsewhere. KWIM? But I do feel uncomfortable when shopping for children's clothes back home.

sara said...

Before I leave the house I ask myself if my clothes will help or hinder my witness.

GiBee said...

I just let it all hang out... after all -- I AM created in God's image, and everyone should be able to enjoy it!

Oh, how I jest. I try to be very careful about what I wear. My husband, bless his heart, is my gauge for modesty and gives me his final "NAY" if I'm getting ready to walk out with something indecent on.

I never wear skirts above the knees; I don't wear tight fitting clothing; I never wear shorts (hello--NOBODY wants to see that -- Praise God for Capris!); I only wear a modest one piece bathing suit with a skirt on it; I try not to wear anything too low cut (I say "try" because sometimes, I'll put something on and it's fine, and then as the day goes on, the v-neck slides down too low). Having said that, I usually don't wear v-necks, either. Finally, if it's sleeveless, then I've got a light jacket, sweater, or short-sleeved shirt on over it -- I don't like baring my arms.

Wow! That all sounds so legalistic... but seriously -- I know the weaknesses my own husband has, and I know they are common to all men -- so I try not to be a distraction for anyone if at all possible. I don't wnt to be the cause of anyone stumbling in their faith walk, and I don't want to be the girl that people comment about after church saying, "what was she thinking wearing that to church." I want people to know me for my inner beauty.

On the other hand... I do think you can still dress with trendy things... you just have to be careful to try stuff on (spandex is my worst enemy!!!) and make sure it fits comfortably and appropriately (try the bend-over test).

Sorry to hijack the comments section.