Friday, February 15, 2008

Kitchen Style

Was just making lunch for the Vikings and was thinking about how my style of cooking has changed in the last 10 years. It's changed in terms of type of cooking and the amount of food I prepare but I have become a real stickler in another area of food preparation: cleaning up! LOL

As I pulled the grilled cheese off the stove, I had just got done wiping the counters clean. And, when I handed the Vikings their plates ("two hands, please, two hands!"), there's was nothing for me to do other than remind them to put their plates in the sink when they're done.

I also have what I consider a really bad habit of letting the dishes go all day and then do them as I'm making dinner! LOL In those 5-10 minutes "standing time" in-between recipe steps, I do the day's dishes. Meanwhile, most of dinner prep utensils and such get toss in there too. SO, when dinner is over, I toss the dishes in and "ta-da": I'm all done for the night

It wasn't always like this however! As DaHubby can probably attest to, early in our marriage, I was a really messy cook!

So, I thought I'd throw out a poll of sorts.

Are you the type of cook that cleans up as they go? When your meal is complete, are there no dishes left in the sink other than the ones y'all ate on? Are your counter tops already wiped, ingredients put away, and the clutter busted?


Are you the enthusiastic type where the end of your delicious, all-gone meal is just the beginning...of dishes, of scraping food off stove, of half opened ingredients still sitting on the counter, of filling a dishwasher?

So, I made a first attempt at a Blogger poll - see it at the right and vote! Are you a "Neat Nellie" or a "Tornado Teri"? What say you?

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GiBee said...

I didn't see the poll, but I am TOTALLY a neat nelly! And what makes things worse is... if my husband left any dishes in the sink prior to dinner prep, I MUST wash everything and wipe down all the counters before I can start any cooking at all. It drives him NUTS!!!