Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank

Been out running all day...errands from 9:30am til 4:30pm! Been too cold to go out for just one errand so I saved them all up! LOL But, I thought I'd use my "to-go" list as my outline for TTT today!

Went to the chiropractor: I'm so thankful for my chiropractor. Not only is he helping my chronic back problems and encouraging in terms of my exercise goals, he said he immediately thought of me when he found he needed someone to do a one-time only job for his office. That'll be $100 in our pockets eventually.

Went to the bank: I'm more thankful than I could explain for the blessings of our growing financial stability. What a wonderful feeling to NOT be dreading every interaction with the bank's staff.

Got gas: even at $3.19/gallon, I'm thankful for the minivan, that it's new, that it runs, and keeps me from being locked in the house with the kids all day! LOL

Went to Aldi's: Thankful for the staff there who are consistently polite, friendly, and FAST! LOL

Went to Meijer's: Thankful to have found the "clearance" hamburger right next to the "sale" hamburger that I had gone in search for. LOL Save another bit o' change.

Went to Lowe's: Our federal tax return was direct deposited today! Went to Lowe's and wrote a WAY TOO BIG check to them but they are PAID OFF!! CHEETAH!

Went to the dentist: So thankful that we paid them off with the tax return as well! CHEETAH!

Went to pick up my new free paper shredder: what a blessing Freecycle has been to all of us!

Went to Martin's: Thankful for a laughing, pleasant, fun-having daughter who has everyone in stitches with her goofy and adorable behavior.

Went to Hardings: Thankful for the nice cashier that always talks to the kids, asks questions about them, notices I'm "missing" one (Pojke was at my in-laws today).

Went to Family Dollar: Thankful for having started already teaching Flicka about earning and spending her own money. Watching her so thoughtfully pick out *just* the right thing to spend her hard-earned $2 on while patience-pushing at times is precious to watch. Let's hope we break the bad money habits with DaHubby and me! *wink*

That's MY list. And, you can see the lists of the Thankful Thursday ladies here as well as Pam's Thursday Thanks Tank list here.


Denise said...

Praise God that you were able to get so much accomplished my friend, I am happy for you.

Beth said...

I miss running those errands. I'm out and about everyday but just to school and back with nutty drivers. And sandstorms. I have a 5-day weekend and I'm relishing just staying home except for just running errands (and maybe taking the Boss to see Spyderwick if it's started yet). Awww, that's the life.