Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Get It Now! LOL

Just finished watching part 3 of this. And, I'm completely hooked...again.

Never been much of a Jane Austen fan despite being a major English lit geek! LOL Never really "got" Austen's writing before; just "endured" reading her novels when required; never really understood the big deal behind the character of Mr. Darcy; and never advocated movies over the original works. I'm not only a geek but a purist! *wink*

But, thanks to PBS and Colin Firth, I'm a convert!

All the traditional stereotypes (romantic and otherwise) are there:

the good, honorable man trumps the cad every time

one of most women's "love languages" is security and Darcy's got it!

love conquers class, expectations, finances, everything!

guys like a girl who is authentic and knows who she is and isn't afraid to defend herself

guys like a girl who is loyal and loves her family

both the rich and the poor can have too much pride and prejudice

there is just something about a man in uniform *wink*

I know when I posted before about this many said they weren't really fans of Austen. But, I would respectfully suggest giving this film version a try.


Anonymous said...

I would watch this in a heartbeat just because of Colin. He's yummy.

Karen said...

I *love* this miniseries! I have it and pull it out whenever I'm sick in bed. Doesn't happen very often, but it's the one bright spot in bad days when I don't feel like doing anything else.