Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Praise (CHEETAH!) Report

Had our taxes done tonight. It took over an hour including a 15 minute trip back home to find some additional paperwork we were missing! LOL But, the absolutely stupendous news? Highest tax return ever! And, due to a miscalculation of our property taxes last year, we're filing an amended return for 2006 which will give us an additional $400+! Plus, the State of Michigan will be sending us a return as well! All this results in a return that will more than DOUBLE the total amount we've paid off so far in our debt snowball!!

Plus, we are still anticipating a one-time whole life insurance refund check as well the possible tax money from the federal government in the spring!

Can you say CHEETAH!!??

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Shelby said...

Don't know if I can say "Cheetah" but I can say "Jehovah Jirah, my Provider, Your grace is sufficient for me"!!!

Because you (Beth) have been faithful in what God has called you to be (fiscally responsible with what God has given you) God has been faithful to His Word.
Sometimes we expect God to do it all, but in reality He wants us to do what we are able to do, and He will do what we are not able to do.
I rejoice with you sister! Continute to speak favor over your finances; you and your family are witnessing the hand of The Almighty pouring out His exceeding abundance!
Getting my taxes ready to take to our accountant, praying for the same kind of miracle!!!

Keeping your sister-in-law in prayer also!