Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our First Planned Family Night Out

Because of our zealousness in following the Dave Ramsey plan of financial peace, any family nights out requiring more than $10 have been non-existent since October! LOL However, with a budgeted money for gas, parking, and treats, guess where this Yooper daddy and the Michigan State hockey fan momma took their kids?

(This is from DaHubby's cell, so please excuse the quality.)

Go Griffins!

And, the tickets, you ask? Thanks to a VERY nice supplier for DaHubby's shop, the $50-$100 worth of tickets we had were FREE! Thank you, thank you, thank you, nice man, wherever you are!

Two other thoughts:

First, Dave Ramsey is COMPLETELY was MUCH more memorable and pleasurable to go do something fun and come home knowing that we spent only cash and it wouldn't be coming back to "haunt" us later.

Second, Dave very much believes in blessing people when you can. The whole point of his financial peace plan to get to point that you are provided for AND you can start giving it away to bless people as is directed by the Bible!

So, despite being around 9:30pm when the game was over, the Vikings were doing really well since they had taken long naps. So, we all thoughts we'd get some "treats" or "num-nums" (depending on which Vikings you talked to) before the very long drive home. We found a 24-hour IHOP down the highway and pulled in.

Two kids meals to split between the Vikings and me. Daddy got a breakfast meal. Then, the kids got dessert. Just over $20 for everything. I left to take the Vikings to the bathroom before we left while DaHubby paid the bill. When I asked, he said, yes, I paid the bill.

"Did you tip her?"

"Yep!" he said with a smile.

"How much?"


And, I was thrilled.

We had a wonderful night. The kids had a blast at their first every hockey game. We had a nice meal. We came home with no "extra" money and we got to bless a hard-working, toughest-job-in-the-world waitress!

*big smile*


Carmen Andres said...

i LOVE hockey! i grew up going to games with my folks and it's just about the only sport i enjoy these days. how fun for your kids!

GiBee said...

Praise God for his blessings! He reigns them down on his children when we are obedient, and fiscally responsible, doesn't he???