Monday, June 4, 2007

In No Particular Order...

In an attempt to produce something original this week (and not just responding to challenges, carnivals, and such as discussed here), I give you the randomness that's rolling around my brain today...

1. I'm so behind in my work around the house. Because of issues with Flicka last week and with concerns about Pojke occasionally running me off my rails, more intimate time with the kids means less time on everything else. The "necessities" are getting done (but just barely LOL) and all the "extracurricular" stuff is piling up and "me time" is currently unheard of..

2. It's "that time" and for some reason unknown to me it's chosen this cycle to be a particularly bad one. Spent most of the weekend feeling like I'd been run over by a truck. Good side? I still managed to lose another 1.25 pounds this week for the Tales From The Scales weight loss challenge! LOL

3. I felt directed to speak to a woman I know at my church 2 weeks ago who is pregnant. I asked if they had her position covered for her maternity leave which starts later this month. And, I offered to step into her position as a temp which would benefit her by holding her position open without worries and would provide a temporary financial increase to our household. While that didn't pan out for a variety of reasons, she did forward my resume to the HR people and I had an initial phone interview last week. Now, I'm all a-jumble about seeking out what the Lord would have me do. I feel He directed me to stay home but I've been praying and listen for His direction in some recent financial concerns. Is this an answer? Hmmm...

4. I have 18 days to complete a dozen pairs of flip-flops and about 50 bracelets using these for Relay For Life weekend. *sigh*

5. I have jury duty this month. Normally, I would consider this a cool thing. Despite being a conscientious regular voter who always kept her address current despite several moves, I've never been called. Our county assigns you two days of the week for a given month. The night before your assigned days, you call and see if your panel will be needed the next day. Due to the kid issues, arranging child care possibilities, and my growing to-do list, this has become more of a dread than a joy. Trying to remain positive about it.

6. Our Pastor Appreciation Program begins in October and runs a full year with at least one family promising to "Adopt the Partons" for a particular month. We pray for them, make them meals, do something special for them, etc. June is DaHubby's and my month and I am absolutely tapped for original, crafty, or creative ideas.

7. Flicka and I are going strawberry picking - just the two of us - on Wednesday (weather permitting). Trying to think of how to prepare a 3-year-old for a couple of hours in a (hopefully) sunny field without eating so many berries that she gets sick!

8. What in the WORLD am I going to do for DaHubby for Fathers' Day? Arg! It was two weeks from yesterday! How did THAT happen?! LOL

So, if anyone has a maid, a child care worker, a masseuse, a crafty person, or a brilliant mind laying around that you don't need, feel free to send them this way!

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Unashamed said...

Perhaps you can combine some of these activities so they do double duty. For example, when you go berry picking you could take some pics of Flicka for Father's day. And then you could make some strawberry jam for your pastor's family. That's all I've got!