Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A "Dangerous" Giveaway

EverydayMommy is giving away a copy of "The Dangerous Book for Boys" in celebration of Fathers' Day!

This books captures all the "boyish" skills that our overly politically correct time in history is not passing down but which appeared to richly feed the imaginations and lives of previous generations.

And, all she is asking for is a story of something daring, adventurous, or adorable that a son has done. Unfortunately, Pojke has only given me 17 months of material to pick from!

When I was pregnant with him, so many people told me that he would be SO much different than Flicka was. With the arrogance of a younger person, I thought..."well, MY kids won't be like that. I already raise Flicka with equal opportunity for "girls" and "boys" things!"

How little did I know! LOL As Flicka reached that wonderful age where her personality and preferences emerge at the same time Pojke was born, they showed me!

Anyway, I guess the most adventurous and brave thing I can remembering Pojke doing at this point happened the day we went on a tour of a dairy farm with our MOMS Club group! While Flicka seemed completely overwhelmed by the level of noise and the sheer size of the "momma cow" and "baby cow" they introduced us to, Pojke was itching to get closer! LOL So much so, he wanted "down" in the barn, made a bee-line for the baby bull's stall, walked right in, and walked right up to pet him!

This little bull towered over him and it seemed all Pojke wanted to do was see what he looked like up close and what he felt like! LOL I think I'm in BIG trouble since he does this with every animal we see. I'm gonna have to keep him safe until I can send him to my alma mater's vet school! *wink* Maybe I can send him here!

See what other daring, adventurous,and adorable things some sons have done here!

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