Thursday, June 14, 2007

Word Explosion

Well, an update...Apparently, not only was Pojke to sail through his procedure last week with no after-effects but we've had a word explosion here this past week! "Suddenly" we're hearing new words like:

"door" (I holler "front door everyone" when we're ready to leave for some place! LOL)
"woof" (we can finally hear the "f" at the end)
and the perennial favorite "no!"

And, the words we already recognized are getting clearer like "was dat?", "want dat!", and "a-oo-yah!" (that's hallelujah for those of you not familiar with Pojke-speak! *wink*)

I was hesitant to admit that Pojke was having problems hearing and chalking it up to other explanations (a boy, a second child, etc.)...most likely to avoid having this procedure done at all. But, thankfully, all seems well in Pojke-world! *a sigh of relief*

(Also: don't forget that voting begins tomorrow for the picture contest I entered. Come back tomorrow for the link to vote!)


Karen said...

How exciting to hear all those new words!! My favorite is hallelujah!

sara said...

wow, already?! that's great!