Friday, June 29, 2007

DaHubby's 15 Seconds of Fame

Do y'all have any recollection of this post from February? If not, here's an excerpt:

So, while I had seen it in our local paper, it hadn't registered on my "radar" that the comedienne Kathy Griffin was performing locally Saturday night. Our local community college has a good sized performing arts theatre as well as classrooms, student theatre facilities, and a "conference" area all in one building. The Home Show was in the "conference" section. Ms. Griffin was to perform in the professional theatre that evening.

As we are wrapping up our final loop of all the exhibitors, we find ourselves having difficulties getting to the front of the place because there are two teams of camera person/cord handler/person with a clipboard blocking half the doors we're trying to get to. We assume the local news is covering the Home Show (which considering the size of this area was probably the lead story that night! LOL), so we are trying to figure out how to best avoid these folks. Meanwhile, out of the corner of my eye, a man approaches Da Hubby and says "would you like two free tickets to see Kathy Griffin tonight?" And, then came my ADD impulsive moment for the week...

Before my "does-this-sound-obnoxious?" filter can kick in, I blurt out to Da Hubby in front of this poor guy "there is NO way we're going to see that!" First of all, Da Hubby has less than NO interest in anything related to Hollywood and would have NO clue who she was. And, while I barely recognize her name, I also remember that her material is probably not something I want to sit and listen to for two hours.

The guy seems surprised but says "fine"and walks off. Then, I noticed the's filming people taking the tickets! And, it just filmed me "making" my husband refuse the tickets! *blush* Then, another light bulb...Kathy Griffin does a reality show so they film EVERYTHING she's doing for Bravo. *gulp* Well, they couldn't find my little exchange even remotely interesting, right?

So, we barrel thread our way gracefully through the mass o' people bottling up near the doors with the double-wide stroller to suddenly realize that Flicka who had chosen to walk next to us was about to get flattened by another camera guy walking backwards. My Mama Bear instinct rears her head and growls loudly "Watch out!", grabbing Flicka, and nearly taking the camera guy out myself.

When everyone recovers, I'm starting the stroller toward the doors again and hear from behind me "so what are YOUR names?" I turn around to a bank of lights and cameras with Kathy Griffin holding out her hand to Flicka and a friend! I cannot describe how difficult it was not to jump immediately in and scoop Flicka up outta there but I walked up and Ms. Griffin looked up and said "are ya coming to my show tonight? I'm here at the Mendel Center. You want free tickets?"

I mumbled something about not having a babysitter and how we just can't do anything impulsive like that anymore *fake laugh* and off we went - Flicka none the wiser that her momma just talked to a lady on TV who has cameras following her everywhere for a reality show! *sigh*

Bad news? This episode aired this week!

Good news? I am not in it! LOL

Bad news? DaHubby is!

Good news? Someone at his work saw it and says DaHubby was just in the background while Ms. Griffin embarssed someone else! Praise God! *wink


Lisa said...

HAHAHA!!! Making memories!!!

Unashamed said...

I remember that!! God is good is SO many ways, ain't He?

Debbie said...

I remember that too!! So cool!

Karen said...

I saw one of her shows on Bravo and have to say that I would have refused the tickets too! :)