Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just swamped today...

Have 2-3 posts to post today but have had no time thus far. There has been development on this front. I've got swim lessons with the Vikings in 45 minutes. Haircuts for Flicka and me at 5pm. Gotta fit a nap in (for the kids not me! Although a nap sounds REALLY good after this week has panned out! LOL) BLAH!

So, hopefully, I'll get those posts done shortly. Hope everyone is having an amazing day!


Unashamed said...

My philosophy is, no matter how much I have on my To Do List, it is best to get my nap out of the way first. *Big wink*

Lisa said...

Hello!! Congrats on winning Anita's contest! Woohoo!!

I know that you'll make a good decision sweety!! Don't worry!!