Friday, June 8, 2007

Weird Toddler Food Connoctions?

OK, I know every family has their culinary quirks. Uncle Joe might eat his cottage cheese with pepper. Grandpa might eat ketchup with his scrambled eggs.

My parents, when dating as teenagers, dipped their pizza in french dressing which I continue to DaHubby's horror - yea, right! Complaints coming from a man who dips HIS pizza in ranch dressing! *wink*

I use to eat honey and peanut butter sandwiches at camp. I've also been know to eat a salami and thousand island dressing sandwich when in grade school (and don't ask...I have NO idea where THAT came from! LOL)

But, what Flicka often comes up with can either floor me or make me want to run out of the room! LOL

Her request for breakfast yesterday? Peaches. Canned peaches. Only peaches. With ketchup. AND mustard.

And, she cleaned her plate!


So, it got me thinking...what are some of the unusual combinations you've heard of? From either your current or former toddler or another source?


Unashamed said...

Peaches...and condiments?? Mmmmmm....I can't think of anything that bizarre. My hubby likes to eat cottage cheese and apple butter. *Shakes head in disgust*

sara said...

tonight I tried homemade yogurt with honey. It was OK but I definitely prefer fruit.

Oh and for supper tonight we had corn fritters with homemadeh yogurt sauce.

(sensing that I made too much yogurt?)