Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To Those Military Families in Ohio...

I can tell from my site meter that some of you are from the Buckeye State...and some of those may be military families. So, I'm passing along this link about identity thieves claiming they're are affiliated with the American Red Cross who are targeting OH military familes.

And, to everyone who serves - either in the States, overseas, active, reserve, soldier, or support family - THANKS!


Marilee said...

Thank you so much for your sincere and caring words for our Military families! I live in Ohio and my son is in Iraq right now, so I don't know if that qualifies me as an Ohio Military family, but it's always a warm hug when someone reaches out to our Military families who make such HUGE sacrifices! I know my son and his wife and son (and soooo many others) are really giving and enduring so much!

PS thank you for the nice comment you left on my page - I sincerely apologize for taking so long to write back!!! I've missed you all so much! It's great to have part of our FP family together again!

HUGS, Love, Marilee

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

No problem, Marilee...my pleasure and I'm honored and humbled to do so.