Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WFMW: No More Voice Mail!

Well, at least DECREASE the amount of time you spend in voice mail! LOL

I don't remember where I stumbled onto this but I figured we all have (by sheer necessity) had to deal with products, employees, and/or companies who have not lived up to their end of the customer service bargain!

And, nothing is more irritating than already been peeved and then having to spend 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes wandering through voice mail purgatory, then being on hold, and plotting what you are REALLY gonna to say to the poor person who is going to eventually answers the phone.

In the past when I call a customer service line, my general plan (if I'm in a hurry) has been to ignore the voice mail options and act as if I'm one of the few remaining people on the planet with a rotary phone and I simply wait for a nice operator to answer the phone and direct me to the exact person I need! LOL However, those clever technology devils have now come up with voice recognition now so I can speak my choices! *wink* So, I can't exactly pretend I'm mute so my technique has been stumped a few times.

Consider the Get Human 500 database! Five hundred sets of directions to get directly to a human in customer service. The list is hardly comprehensive but has come in handy occasionally to get right to someone who can actually help me before my kids figure out how to build a working space shuttle from tin foil and toilet paper rolls! LOL

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Joyful Days said...

I will have to look into that.

Anonymous said...

the one time it really bothered me, i screamed "May I please speak to a human???!!" and it immediately sent me to a real person - did the trick for me!

Peach said...

Beth, this is so cool! Thanks for sharing such a fabulous time saver. I'm going to save it and print it out later.