Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update on Pojke

Does this look like someone who went through a medical procedure 3 hours ago? LOL
I am probably having a harder time than him! Pojke came home without making eye contact with me (BIG guilt trip, Momma!) but, once on his own turf, he grabbed his buses and off he went! Other than the cotton in his ears, you'd never know what he'd been through.

Everything went as described. (TMI warning!) I only wish they would have warned me about the smell of...well, basically, burnt flesh. I almost lost my breakfast. A follow up appt in 2 weeks and no water in his ears (so no playing in the tub with Flicka) for four weeks. But, we're home safely. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.


Unashamed said...

He looks good to me. And, um, burnt flesh??? You must be feeling relieved to have THAT over with.

Lisa said...

Praising God with you!! It's over!!!! I will pray for healing for both of you (smile).

Debbie said...

Yes!! Praise God! Thamkful that it's over and everyone if fine!