Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

I've been following Kelly's adventures in parenting and homeschooling for a couple months now. I've been reading with interest her "homeschool experiment updates." But, one of my favorite things she does is her Pass The Torch Tuesdays. Here's her entry for today.

Initially, I would only comment and tell her that my kids were still too young for this. But, I was wrong. I just wasn't watching carefully enough. So, this is my first PTT Tuesday.

Pojke's in love with the dishwasher....loading, unloading...he's there helping. He may be only 17 months old but this boy knows how to hand each dish, one by one to Mom.

Another observation lately...Flicka "mothering" of Pojke. My goodness, she sounds just like me! LOL

Another two observations at the cabin last weekend...

I'd like to hope I'm doing something that's worth passing down...

1 comment:

Kelly - PTT said...

YOU ARE! You definitely are! And it gives me goosebumps that you've started to realize the ways you're passing the torch...and they're carrying it.

Very cool. Thanks so much for joining us!