Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thank Tank

Inspired by Peach...

1. Thankful for good results on a bone density test I had 3 weeks ago. It was worrisome during a recent physical that I had lost some height (nearly 2 inches!) since having the Vikings. The test showed all was fine but my doc recommended adding calcium to my daily intake.

2. Praise again for all going well following Pojke's procedure. Watching his language beginning to blossom this past week has blessed my heart!

3. Thankful for my sisters-in-law and a niece who so liked a craft project idea I had for our Relay For Life team fundraising that we all are meeting this weekend to make them all! (Now, I just have to finish 8 more pairs of these to sell at the Relay before the 23rd! LOL)

4. Thankful that there was a little extra left over after DaHubby's paycheck that I'll be taking the kids to the local Y for five more weeks of swim lessons! This will be Pojke's first!

5. Thankful for a hubby who has embraced my frugal mentality (even if it is short term *wink*)by digging up several old 2' by 2' blocks of concrete buried under years of "stuff" between our garage and fence, breaking them up into small pieces with a hammer and chisel, and then re-laying them down in the same area with weed barrier. It's taken 3+ evenings but I *REALLY* appreciate that it saved us from running to Lowe's for "just a few supplies" which always leads to a larger, more expensive run! *wink*

6. Thankful for the opportunity to use my "newsletter"/MS Publisher skills again as I am now the new co-editor of my 2007-2008 MOMS Club newsletter and the techie/"typer-in-of-all-information"/layout person for our church newsletter! LOL

7. Thankful for the relative health and safety of my immediate family. I felt exhausted after hearing all the prayer requests for healing, comfort, grief, and other issues among my church family last night at midweek service. *sigh* So much to deal with...but trying to remember that HE is in control..always...all the time!

8. Thankful for the opportunity to serve my pastors this month. Despite my worrying about it, it has really kept them even more on my mind and in my prayers as I was able to take Pastor Deb some fresh picked strawberries last week (thanks for the idea, Anita!) and whipped up a batch of chicken veggie soup yesterday for Pastor Don and Deb's dinner!

9. Thankful that I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel (finally!) with one of our financial stresses! Wa-hoo!

10. Last, but obviously not least, I'm thankful that despite being overwhelmed daily with "to-do's" that occasionally I am reminded to focus on the One who is the Author of it all and what He has done for me!

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Denise said...

Bless you sweet one, so happy that things are going so well for you.

Crystal said...

What a great list of thankfulness!
Thanks for sharing!

Deena said...

Your service to your pastors blesses me HUGELY!! I had a member take me to dinner this week for "pastor's wife care"...and it felt SOOOOO good!!

Robin said...

I'm glad you have so many things to be thankful for today! Blessings!

UntrainedEye said...

Does number nine mean I can go canoeing. WINK

Peach said...

Great list, Beth! Your thanks tank always encourages me. I am especially grateful to hear of Pojke's blossoming language.

We made some of those flip flops last summer. I still have a cabinet full of unmade sandals in my garage. The fabric is there. The "want to" isn't. Maybe that would keep somebody busy this summer?

Gretchen said...

So glad you are healthy, as is your immediate family. Blessings on your finances--it's tough, but you sound like God is pulling you right through. :)