Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Small prayer request

Found out this morning that DaHubby's hours are being cut back again. Forty-five is his shop's "normal" but work is so slow so they're cut back to 40. This will result in DaHubby's check being cut by about 15% until further notice. *sigh* We're already cut back to the max since we're following the Dave Ramsey plan. So, something is going to have to give way...just not sure what that'll be yet.

Pray for wisdom, guidance, and discernment so that we can make wise decisions and still be good stewards as well as good parents and homeowners. And, pray that we'll feel His Presence at the times we'll feel the most discouraged.

As I told someone this morning in a different but challenging situation: God ALWAYS has a plan. This is a refining fire. There are better things ahead! Pray that we'll remember this as well.

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