Monday, April 21, 2008

A Monday prayer...UPDATED

DaHubby visiting with Aunt Peggy yesterday. As I type, Peg is en route to Chicago this morning for some pre-transplant testing. It is possible that they may keep her in Chicago and go ahead with the bone marrow transplant earlier than originally planned since Uncle Joel has to donate early due to IBM requiring him to travel overseas for work in the next few weeks.

If you felt led, please pray for God's will as well as His strength, wisdom, and guidance for all those involved with Peg's treatment as well as for Uncle Marlon, their daughters, and their grandbabies. And, a special level of divine comfort for my in-laws who are really struggling having lost their eldest son 3 years ago to lung cancer.

UPDATE: Just posted on Carepages by my niece:

"Just received a call from my Dad and he asked that I do a post to let you all know that he and Mom are on their way back home. Mom isn't strong enough to do the transplant at this time. So, they are sending her back home for probably at least a couple of weeks.

She did get to see her little brother who is there completing his portion. Mr. Camera-Happy (Dad) got a picture of the two of them and will be posting that when he gets back. So, I guess we will need to get LOTS of rest and try to eat a little more and try to get her stronger so that we can get her better..."

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