Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

What's wrong with this pic? LOL

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Karen said...

LOL! What do you mean? I see nothing wrong with this picture. In fact, I'm looking FORWARD to the day my children pull me around. *grin*

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Kittilicious said...

I don't see nothing wrong with it.... uh, is there a crack in the street??

baby~amore' said...

Beautiful fun ♥ shot - my eldest had a jeep like that and liked to pull things behind . Pity we sold it the twins would have loved it.

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jennyr said...

hahaha! that's funny and cute!

texas_sweetie said...

this is funny.i wonder if she can pull her very heavy dad?


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Tanya said...


Christina said...

Looks like Daddy has it made!

This one should definitely go in the memories pail.

Marsha said...

LOL... looks like daddy is living the life of Riley! This picture will be priceless to her someday!

Happy WW!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

LOL I like it