Monday, April 7, 2008

How We Spent Saturday...

We took a short family road trip to Mishawaka, IN for the Michiana Christian Home Educators conference Saturday. And, luckily, we had a bee-yoo-tee-full day! I was able to attend parts of two sessions while DaHubby kept the Vikings occupied.

And we wandered the vendors area for what I'm sure DaHubby would argue was HOURS! LOL Flicka seemed to have fun and we are all re-energized to start afresh this fall. Attending really helped settle our hearts that this is something we're going to commit to for a time.

Finally, one funny moment...we knew we had found folks like us when we went to the mini-van around lunchtime to have our brown bag picnic/tailgate with PB&J's ala Dave Ramsey (no eating out! LOL) and realized that we were one of about ten families doing the exact same thing! LOL

Now, I just have to wade through the large stacks of stuff we brought home! LOL NOW I know why all those homeschooling veterans had those book/scrapbooking carts with them! LOL

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