Friday, April 25, 2008

Road Trip(s)!!

The travel bug has bit and the vehicles are being packed.

DaHubby is helping out a friend from out church that recently moved here from Tennessee. He and his family had to leave some stuff behind when Whirlpool transferred him to this area..."stuff" including a motor home! LOL

So, DaHubby is going on a guys-only road trip to here where they will pick up the motor home and then drive back to Michigan Sunday. It'll be DaHubby's first daytime trip down through the Appalachians mountains and he is seriously geeked! An 18 hour, 1260 mile round trip...WAY too much testosterone in a confined space for me! LOL

So, after whining the he gets to go somewhere fun AGAIN without us *wink*, he suggested going to visit my parents. So, the Vikings and I are headed near here and here. We're all heading out just after lunch (in my case - I'm hoping the Vikings will SLEEP all the way there! LOL)

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend!! And, we'll be back Monday!


imadramamama said...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Be safe!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

safe travels to you all

thediaperdiaries said...

You should head over to the West side of the state. We rock over here!!

Unashamed said...

Hey, doesn't Denise live in Chattanooga? Prayers for safe travel go before you both. Hope you have a wonderful time! A little change of scenery is a good thing. Hm. Now I'm thinking it's time I visited Michigan...(hint, hint).