Monday, April 14, 2008

Montessori Monday

Well, as I look for more research about integrating Montessori ideas around here, we are also looking for easy, everyday activities with which to experiment. Despite waking up feeling entirely "done" and wore out with mommy-hood Friday morning, I pushed through it, packed up the Vikings, some PB&J's, our "swampers", and a second set of clothes and headed out to our local nature center.

"How often is the soul of a man, especially of that of a child deprived, because one does not put him in contact with nature." - Dr. Montessori

And, how they reveled in the large of it:

And, in the small of it:

In the nooks and crannies of it:

And, in the wide angle view:

For more Montessori explanations, experiments, and examples, go by Barbara's place today.


Beth said...

What fun! I think I have to take the kids to the nature center our next trip home. Maybe I'll try to sneak in a trip to Green Island soon.

GiBee said...

Looks like fun. Hunter would LOVE that! Except, here in the warmish-East-Coast... we actually have LEAVES and BUDS on the trees... not to rub it in, or anything like that (brrrrrr!).