Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A new note above my computer...

Who are you blogging for?
My blog
THEN Bloglines

Realized in the last couple days (especially after seeing this link) that part of my recent cycle of time management problems was keeping up with Bloglines before everything else. Using the argument that it was OK since I check so many frugal sites for ideas, tips, and recipes, but I was getting bogged down with options while neglecting the work around the house along with the Vikings. I was neglecting emails and keeping up with Ebay and Freecycle but MAN I didn't have any posts waiting in Bloglines. Ya see what I mean?

Anyway, my new priority list means that I get NO BLOGGING until my Bible reading is done (started reading Romans again with a good inductive chapter by chapter study) and my email is caught up...or at least looked at and "scheduled" for a response.

So, if I seem scarce or I'm not commenting as much, it's not that I'm not reading. It's just gotten pushed down the priority list a bit while I sort out my mind, my house, and my post before reading all of yours! LOL


Karen said...

Good for you!

I cut my time on a homeschooling forum that I frequented down quite a bit, but replaced that with google reader, so I had to reevaluate that recently too.

Way to go placing your Bible reading first...there are too many days that I don't do that [blush]

Debbie said...

Beth, this has also been a problem for me at times. It is so easy to get lost going from blog to blog.....before you know it, 2 to 3 hours are gone.
I think we all understand.

GiBee said...


I often find that by Bible studies bleed into my blog postings...