Monday, April 21, 2008

...and a Monday promise

I wish I could explain the feeling...those of you who have been part of a church which has outgrown in current home, which has bought additional land, and which needs to envision all that is possible and what God's will for our congregation and this little piece of dirt! LOL

God's hand was all over the purchase of this piece of property just a hop, skip, and a jump from our current church home. The house was originally built by the grandparents of one of our current deacons and currently a single gentleman is living there who is in charge of our missions program and our recovery ministry.

Last fall, DaGrandpa, who was also a large machine operator in addition to being a pastor, got to knock over several acres of trees with some rented equipment...a bulldozer I believe. Now, comes the job of clearing all that brush and fallen trees. And, we started to make a dent last night!

Several guys (including DaHubby) met with their chainsaws yesterday afternoon and got to work! Others came off and on over the afternoon to fellowship and to cheer the workers on. Then, around 6pm which is our usual Sunday meeting time, we all settled into lawn chairs, sang several songs, and prayed over the four corners of this property which we hope will glorify God!

Afterwards, there's was a little fun to be had as well. (These are the parents of the really fun family I mentioned here. They make me laugh and not take parenting too seriously...and their kids aren't too bad either! *wink*)

A great night to remember God's promise and get charged up to serve Him and expand the Kingdom!

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GiBee said...

Awesome! Our church did something very similar... we sold our building and moved a little further north -- now we have a small building, but we're in the middle of a building fund campaign bcs we're going to add on!!! Fun!