Monday, April 21, 2008

Pass The Torch Tuesday

DaHubby has made friends with "the new guy" at work - it's like they were twins separated at birth! LOL One thing they share is a love of outdoors. So, when we visited Mr. H's to pick up some scrap wood he was going to burn from which DaHubby will make garden beds, Mr. H offered to take Flicka and Pojke for a quick ride around his property while DaHubby loaded wood in the minivan.

So, even though it wasn't Daddy, another seed sown...

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Kelly - PTT said...

Your kids look so much like mine did at that age. They did the 4-wheeler rides and they had a little red jeep like the one in your sidebar. I'll show pics one day. Good times.

Thanks for joining in again for PTT!

GiBee said...

Oh, no........ You'd better start an envelope now... because once the bug bites, their gonna want!

Or, you could just say, "CHEETAH!!" and run with gazelle intensity!

Lisa said...

Another great photo!! You'll like the movie. We're going to buy it too!

Hope you are having an awesome night!