Monday, April 21, 2008

Montessori Monday

Ok, not my best example to date (LOL), but bear with me momentarily!

Background: Began doing homeschool preschool last fall. Using my teacher training, I researched expected skills, curriculums, etc. and made up plans with all the ambition of a rookie.

Then, about 2 months in, Flicka quit cooperating.

My focus on letter recognition and letter writing was too much too soon. So, I let it go for a while. We worked on letter recognition in a slower, less-intense, more everyday way and left the writing of them until the next attempt felt more Flicka-directed.

Well, I know the photo doesn't really do it justice since I use pseudonyms for the kids' safety but behind that nifty little rectangle is the first full all-the-correct-and-recognizable-letters attempt at writing her own name! We were at church and she called me into the toddler room where we were waiting for DaHubby to finish his before-service musician warm-up.

"Look what I did!"

And, the smile says it all!

Teacher-directed 0, student-directed 1! LOL

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Anonymous said...

WTG Girl!!!! ~ Mel

Karen said...

Yeah...I learned the hard way when it came to reading with my oldest. Once I backed off, he did much better :)