Monday, April 7, 2008

YouTube at church?

This is becoming a more and more common thing at our church home. Most times, Pastor is using it for an example in a sermon. Or, we may see a video about a ministry or something with a praise and worship song in the background.

But, yesterday, the tone of the video took a decidedly different turn.

Our sermon was about that there is only ONE path to God and it is through Jesus Christ. That's it. And, too many folks are wandering off that path into humanistic, non-Biblical beliefs.

Yesterday, Pastor opened with this video:

Now, I stopped watching Oprah a while back because I felt she had lost touch with the world that I live in. Most of what she said, what she gave away, the books she chose, who she interviewed, and some of the issues she gave attention to were not even remotely on my radar.

And, I knew people were starting to question what happened to her Baptist upbringing and belief in Jesus Christ as the only way. This addressed that with a vengeance.

What it also addressed is my wishy-washy-ness (I can make up words - I'm a professional! *wink*). I had several minutes of what Anita refers to a squirmable. I felt really convicted about my "well, Jesus is the only way...for me" and left that smallest crack in the door for the possibility that there's other options.

And, I'm horrified at myself at this revelation.

Then, I think two things immediately struck me: I've done this so I don't have to evangelize that hard and I've done this so I don't have to worry about my family and friends who aren't believers not making it to heaven.

*sigh* You can see the inherent problem here I suppose.

So, now I spend some serious time thinking about what this all means and what I'm going to do about it.


GiBee said...

Oh, my ... I think you've opened a can of worms...

I stopped watching Oprah when she started to blend and embrace different religions and began to accept things outside of the Biblical realm as truth.

I was so disappointed, because she has so much influence and power, she could have used it to go on and do great things in Jesus' name.

Instead, she has chosen to walk her own path with her own beliefs. At first, she was open about her faith in God, but as she became increasingly and wildly popular, she began to invite others on her show, and began to set God aside, and create her own religion that suited her needs.

As Christians, we need to be very, very careful that we do NOT compromise our beliefs, and that we do not cross over to other belief systems to "find what's easy for us" or "what sounds nicest."

And the whole Obama thing??? Frightening! I keep hearing more and more Christians refer to him as a snake in the grass. And ... "PEACE ALLIANCE???" They say that they are a "nonpartisan citizen action organization representing a growing constituency for peace" -- Yikes! You know what it reminds me of? One faith, one ruler. One currency. The Antichrist...

Scripture teaches us that the Antichrist will be a political, religious, individual... I personally think the Antichrist will leave the impression that his motivating force is love, concern for humanity, and pity for the oppressed, but what actually drives the Antichrist is not love but hatred...

Matthew 24:24 - For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible.

We are SO in the end times!

Shelby said...

Thank you for sharing this You Tube video, and thank you Pastor D for not being intimated to speak the truth!

For the past couple of years I have been increasingly wary of Oprah, as she not only embraces, but encourages her ever growing audience to open their hearts and minds to this garbage! About a year ago she devoted several shows to promote "The Secret", which is nothing but New Age philopshy. Oprah's choices of books for readers who joined her Book Club have been steeped in the New Age Religion.

On another note, just last week she had the first ever pregnant "male" on her show, and she stated that she beleives that the diverse world we live in is ready to accept this as normal. Oprah is openly pro-choice, and is very supportive of gays, lesbians, bi-sexual's, etc..

Gibee said it best, " because she(Oprah) has so much influence and power, she could have used it to go on and do great things in Jesus name".

Gibee's take on Obama was very enlightning! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

The Happy Housewife said...

I stopped watching Oprah about a million years ago... I think when she was still fat the first time;)
My husband found that you tube video a while back so I am familiar with it. I was not at all surprised to see her take the stance that she did. I felt she was going down that path long ago. It is too bad, because she really does have a large influence...

Debbie said...

I saw the show featured in the video years ago when she stated Jesus wasn't the only way. This was the deciding point for me. I am very sad for Oprah and we, as Christians need to put her on our daily prayer list.

I know God is able to change her heart and mind to the point of a confession over the air. She has a good heart, but she is a prime example of good works will not get you in.

Oh, and I have my 7 meme up. :)