Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get Out of Debt ala SNL

Not much of a Saturday Night Live fan anymore but this video was brought to DaHubby's attention last week.

We were asked by the Financial Peace University coordinator of Dave Ramsey's team to play this video tonight for our class. Unfortunately, as it appeared on MSNBC, there were advertisements that would have been inappropriate for our church played before the actual piece.

So, while I wanted to share it because it is pretty funny, this post is partially utilitarian. By embedding it here, the ads (I think) were removed. Click on the "play" button in the lower left corner if you are interested in viewing it. Enjoy!


Debbie said...

This was cute....
Hmmmm....advice I need to adhere to.

GiBee said...

Oh, that is so clever! Very funny! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!