Monday, April 28, 2008

Another random thought...the crib

Yes, Pojke's still in the crib.

Yes, I know he's nearly 28 months old.

Yes, he's starting to climb out.

Yes, I want to start potty training him this summer and I obviously cannot expect the poor child to get up to "empty" if he's in the crib.

Yet, I'm majorly dragging my feet on this one...

Flicka was a "gradual girl". Potty training. Toddler bed. Everything in baby steps. Not sure at this point if that's MY doing or hers but it worked.

DaHubby's suggesting we just take the crib down and Pojke can go "cold turkey".

I need some advice from moms with older kids...whatcha think? Gradual or cold turkey?


Anonymous said...

All 3 of mine went cold turkey on the bed transition. The first two because someone was waiting in line for the crib and the last one because I didn't know how to do it any other way. :) All got moved at 17 months. Good luck with whatever you decide. :) As far as potty training - come on over! Allison is almost to week 3. Who-hoo!!! ~Melanie

GiBee said...

We had a tough time deciding what to do with Hunter... until one day, about a month ago, a neighbor gave us a great toddler bed frame with plastic headboard that wrapped around the sides and a plastic foot board. Plus, it had CARS on it. This was actually a benefit, not because he likes the movie (or even understands it), but because he had just started using a sleeping bag at day care for naps, and it was a CARS sleeping bag and he put two and two together.

When he saw the bed, he got so excited about it. I didn't really know what would happen, and was worried about him just getting out of the bed and wandering around the house while I'm asleep, but that really hasn't happened. He slept in it the first night we got it, and he loved it, and has loved it ever since.

We also made a big deal about him sleeping in a big-boy bed when grandma and grandpa or anyone else came over and encouraged him to show them his new and special bed. He was so excited to sleep in it.

You might find that he may want to sleep in a bed because his sister already does, and that means that he's no longer a baby but a big boy.

This is the bed Hunter has:

It was so awesome that we actually got it for free, too!

Anonymous said...

We went cold turkey with both of our kids. And it was never an issue. Jake was so laid back when we did it for him and Emma just wants to be like Jake so she was excited when it was her turn to be in the toddler bed.