Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank

in under the wire...with 37 minutes 'til midnight! LOL

While nothing major, this week has been filled with minor bumps and bruises and aches and pains. So, on that note...

I'm forever grateful and blessed that Pojke was only "sunburn sore" and scared when Flicka took it upon herself to "warm up" the tub water the other night by turning the hot water on full blast while Pojke sat basically under the faucet. Needless to say, the hot water heater has been turned down even lower.

I'm so thankful that Pojke's fall tonight - a trip into a dining room table - only resulted in a minor blood loss but probably a fat lip in the morning.

I'm grateful that when Pojke took a swing at Flicka with some random toy this morning, he just grazed near her eye with only a scratch.

I'm SO thankful that when Pojke ventured over the crib side today for the first time (with his sister's encouragement) that he chose to go on the side near the wall of his room which slowed him down on the way to the floor where I found him under his crib...not even crying.

I'm thankful for the opportunity given to DaHubby and I'm still praying for his sore throat...he took the night off from speaking at the Financial Peace University class we're leading at our church, let me do my teacher thing, and rested his voice for the four revival services at which he is leading the music in the next three days.

I'm relieved that DaHubby's huge bruise on his arm (as a result of some heavy-duty work building a platform addition at church Tuesday night) didn't hurt him as bad as it looked.

And, I'm thankful that I'm still standing upright...for the most part. With a notoriously finicky bad back lately and an addition abdomen strain from overexertion, I have nearly no non-aching muscles left in my core to hold me up. By the end of the day, I'm hunched over like an old woman and feel like one too.

Yet, we are all alive, sleeping relatively wellm having had a pretty good week, serving Him and preparing for revival! God is good! All the time!


GiBee said...

Oh, my WORD!! Pojke has been covered by his guardian angel this week!!! Glad everyone is doing well even though it has been an eventful week!

Thursday's Child said...

I remember when the Little Prince started climbing out of his Pack 'N Play in Lebanon. It was the end of naps as we knew them.