Friday, March 23, 2007

Three Months From Today...

...Da Hubby, Flicka, Pojke, and I will be participating in our local Relay For Life. Part of DaHubby's heart was just broken beyond mending when his big brother passed unexpectedly at age 44 in February 2005 from lung cancer. It was only about 6 months after having run in his first marathon in Chicago. This Relay will be the third one Da Hubby's family has participated in but only the first one we will be active in.

Da Hubby didn't understand his other siblings' ways of dealing with this loss when his sisters began mobilizing within a month of Big Brother D's passing to get the whole family involved in this fundraiser. Da Hubby initially wanted nothing to do with it. In 2005, we made an appearance with a 15-month-old Flicka. It was incredibly uncomfortable: sweltering heat and hurting hearts. In 2006, I was at the height of first trimester morning sickness with Pojke. So, this year I'd like to help do my part to contribute to my wonderful in-law's desire to see some good come from Big Brother D's passing.

Pojke's full name is in part in honor to well as my grandmother who we lost the month before Big Brother D. But, I'd like to show some financial support to the cause as well. Our budget is stretched beyond its' limits at this point. So, the only thing we can do is solicited donations and pledges which I've never done before.

Our local Relay folks have set up the capability for each participant to set up their own webpage. I have done so here. Please prayfully consider if you would be able to support us in this event. It's wonderful if you can. It's more than OK if you can't. Just as His grace is are your prayers. Thanks!

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Unashamed said...

Good for you! I think this is a wonderful way to honour the memory of your brother-in-law and I am glad that you have alerted us to this opportunity to be a support. God bless you All!