Monday, April 23, 2007

Two Months From Today...

...Da Hubby, Flicka, Pojke, and I will be spending most of that weekend at our county's fairgrounds for Relay For Life. We'll be pitching a tent in our family's reserved area for the 24-hour walk-a-thon. Being one of 6 and a cousin to many, it'll be cramped quarters as we remember Da Hubby's Big Brother D.

Da Hubby and I agree that Big Bro D was probably the strongest person we have ever known. As a only child for most of my life (until my half-sisters came along when I was 20), he will be the only big brother I will ever know...and I only knew him for 5 years.

That weekend and the planning for it are all the more poignant in that Da Hubby's uncle and aunt were both diagnosed with lung and colon cancer respectively. Aunt C's is inoperable and, once stabilized from the initial exploratory surgery, she will be heading home without treatment for her remaining time. As for Uncle T, we've have not heard any updates in the last week. But, the fact that Big Bro D died from the same type of cancer has hit the family hard. Uncle T is my MIL's baby brother. And, as always, she is a testament to her faith because I don't know how else she is dealing with this.

As the newest addition (other than all the grandchildren born since I got here) to this large, noisy, loving, sometimes cantankerous family, I often feel like I'm peeking in on their worst fears and most intimate struggles. I'm often self conscious and uncomfortable. I'm the new kid and, without having grown up with siblings, I'm at a loss at what to do, what to say, or where to even begin to understand what they are going through. I also know I've been incredibly blessed by these folks - especially in their gift of Da Hubby to me.

So, in honor of Big Bro D, who with Da Hubby, having never met me before, traveled several hours across the state in a driving rain storm, to help Da Hubby and I move my stuff to our new home...I'm fundraising for Relay For Life. I posted a simlar request a month ago. I've had three responses: Anita, my aunt, and my mom. If you three are reading this, thank you again! So, if you feel you are in a position to or felt led to help, that's great. Click here. But, mostly, I covet your prayers as I try to find a way to do my little part to minister to this family's hurt. Thanks!


Unashamed said...

Counting down the days with you...

Laurel Wreath said...

This sounds all very exciting, I look forward to hearing about your adventure!!!

I have a cousin that deals with MS so I know how important these events can be.