Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weekend - Story One of a Series! LOL

First, my apologies for not checking in sooner. And, as you can imagine, getting back into the swing of things Saturday night (even with it only being ONE night away) and then trying to get everyone up, prepped, and off to church the next morning was a bit trying! ;)

Second, the decision now becomes how many parts to break this up in because I have three, (yes, THREE) stories to share from our weekend! *wink* I guess I'll take them chronologically...

Friday was relatively uneventful. Packing went well. Due to a couple of delays, we got in the van about an hour later than planned...but I was refusing to stress about it like I usually do. The proposition of travel with the kids still generally makes me "momma-nuts" and often makes me miserable company (as Da Hubby can probably attest to).

The beautiful, light, HUGE lake-effect snowflakes were wafting down as we left. The drive was also uneventful as we drove about an hour north. We coincidentally arrived at the B&B at the same time my mom and step-dad were returning back from a trip into the local town for some munchies and beverages. The place was great. The room was cute but a little tight for all four of us (the downside of reserving rooms on the Internet, I guess! LOL) but we didn't complain since it was only one night and my mom and step-dad paid! LOL

We unloaded and Viking #1 immediately wanted to go swimming. But, "Grandma" had a large bag of Valentines' goodies for all of us to open. So, we rifled through all the little trinkets and cool stuff my mom has found on her travels. But, it was one item that gave me pause.

Now, since I know my mom reads this blog (and apparently its contents are opening a pathway for her and I to work through some issues), I want to make this ABUNDANTLY clear! This is NOT NOT NOT a knock on her. This is a commentary on the item ONLY! I don't even know if she is aware that this was part of what she included in Viking #1's basket o' Valentine's goodies.

Anyway, I find it interesting how differently I see things now as a parent and as a more-mature believer. While I know many do not agree with me, Da Hubby and I have had some serious, prayerful conversations about what Halloween, Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. is going to mean in own home. We opted so far to not introduce any of them.

We have had similar concerns about popular culture's effect on our kids' future beliefs about modesty. My uneasiness with some things I've seen toddlers through teenagers wear even to Sunday services has made me hyper-sensitive about Viking #1. It is because of this I've chosen to display Everyday Mommy's "Moms for Modesty" button on my "bulletin board" here. I take it very seriously.

So, my mom often buys the kids clothes. It is always appreciated. Da Hubby and I have discussed that it is a blessedly rare event that we have to buy ANY clothing items for our kids. With 4 sisters-in-law and 1 grandma locally along with my mom and step-mom, these guys rarely lack for much! LOL

Included in Viking #1's basket was a pair of "big girl" Valentines with hearts underwear and a package of what I presumed was two more pairs of "big girl" Barbie panties. I was startled to later realize that the package didn't hold 2 pairs of panties but a set of panties and a bra. Yes, a bra. In the size 4T. *sigh* To give you a picture - it was like a cute little spaghetti strap tank top but it was cut short up to where her rib cage would be. I asked Da Hubby -what business in their right mind would want to market (heck, even think of making) a bra for a four-year-old!?

Once Da Hubby and I discussed it later listening to the two kids snoring, we decided that #1 can have the new underwear but we won't be letting her wear the bra. Am I over-reacting? Thoughts, opinions, input???

Part two...Viking #2's first blood-letting coming up next...


sara said...

Weighing in: If it makes you uncomfortable, don't let her have 'em.

That said, IF my daughter were excited about some grown up woman thing that I would want her to eventually embrace (taking care of children, medicine, midwifery, even some "dress up" clothes etc. NOT make-up, high heals, jewelry and so on) I would prayerfully consider how to introduce them in an age appropriate way. I find it so funny that at a certain age kids really want to be just like their parents and mimic everything they do. I am taking full advantage of this - Jack has his very own swiffer!

Denise said...

If you feel uneasy about this, do not let her have them sweety.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Beth. Keep 'em young while you can. The world is trying to get to our kids way too early. Joy is 10 now and most of the clothes at the stores are inappropriate for her to wear.