Monday, February 19, 2007

Read To Me Goals for February/March

While I've got Viking #1 started on the road to reading with her own library card, weekly Wednesday reading sessions at our local library, and a pre-bedtime routine, my little guy has yet to be introduced to it. So, in conjunction with the beginning of weaning Viking #2, each day I'll "exchange" a book for a to-sleep nursing.

We've started with dropping the nursing before his midday nap so we'll begin as soon as he finishes lunch today and (hopefuly) will continue through the month exchanging one (and eventually two) nursings with a book for the next month.

I have not selected the books yet but I think I'll start with the Sesame Street alphabet puzzle books (a full set shown here currently offered on Ebay since I can't find an Amazon link to new ones).

And, I'll be updating on our progress between now and the week of March 19th. Join me and /or check out Jennifer's blog for more ideas!


stephanie said...

That's a great idea to substitute a book for nursing during the weaning time! I hope your little one transitions well!

Denise said...

Great plans sweety.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great idea--you'll both be looking forward to it and expecting it.