Saturday, February 3, 2007

Why We Are NOT Going Outside Today

Yes, that says EIGHT. POINT. THREE degrees outside! And, the snow is coming down and blowing around again! So, other than a quick trip for immediately needed supplies at the grocery store, it'll be a snuggly day at home...well, once Da Hubby gets in from snow-blowing! Have I mentioned how little this recent snow has affected me due to his wonderful, selfless hours of shoveling the roof and snow-blowing our driveway and walks along with THREE of our neighbors!? *sigh* How I love that man!

(Update: we, of course, instead spent from noon until 7pm out and about. The Vikings stayed at Grandma's and Papa's for most of it but we got lots done! LOL Since no one was out at the stores! *wink*)


holly said...

Beth, so sorry that it has taken so long to stop by and say hello! Your two little vikings are adorable! :)

sara said...

I'm still amazed at the shoveling the roof thing. What a man!

Unashamed said...

That is STUPID cold. Are you getting the winds as well? Minus 11 here today, minus 27 with the wind chill. It makes such a difference. (That's celcius of course.) I'm with Sara, I am totally impressed with Da Hubby. Good man!